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For love of one above, who lone must stand

the pearl of the soul of the world in her hand

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Name:The Aeriel

On Avaric's white plain
        where the icarus now wings
To steeps of Terrain
        from Tour-of-the-Kings,

And damozels twice-seven
        his brides have all become;
A far cry from heaven
        and a long road from home--

Then strong-hoof of the starhorse
        must hallow him unguessed
If adamant's edge is to plunder
        his breast.

Then, only, may the Warhorse
        and Warrior arise
To rally the warhosts, and thunder
        the skies.

❦ A E R I E L

But first there must assemble
        those the icari would claim;
A bride in the temple
        must enter the flame,

Steeds found for the secondborn beyond
        the dust deepsea,
And new arrows reckoned, a wand
        given wings--

So that when a princess royal
        shall have tasted of the tree,
Then far from Esternesse's
        city, these things:

A gathering of gargoyles,
        a feasting on the stone,
The witch of Westernesse's
        hag overthrown.

c a n o n   ⚛   c o n t a c t   ⚛   m u s e b o x

Whereafter shall commence
        such a cruel, sorcerous war
To wrest recompense
        for a land leaguered sore.

With a broadsword bright burning,
        a shadow black as night,
From exile returning,
        shall champion the fight

For love of one above who, flag unfurled,
        lone must stand,
The pearl of the soul of the world
        in her hand.

When Winterock to water
        falls flooding, foes to drown,
Ravenna's own daughter
        shall kindle the crown.

[Roleplaying journal, based on Meredith Ann Pierce's Darkangel trilogy. Not in any way, shape, or form related to the author; not making any money; just having some fun. Icons from Hollow Art, of Clémence Poésy. I am also not her.]
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